Sound Waves Unlock New Possibilities for Green Hydrogen Production

Sound Waves Unlock New Possibilities for Green Hydrogen Production

Researchers from RMIT University have found that using sound waves to accompany electrolysis can significantly increase the production rate of green hydrogen. This process requires 14 times less electrical energy than traditional methods and does not require expensive electrodes such as platinum. The team has also discovered that they can reduce the amount of electricity needed by 27%, making green hydrogen cheaper and more accessible. While this method has only been tested in laboratory electrolysers, the researchers are looking for help from industry to incorporate sound waves into commercially used electrolysers.

The Benefits of Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen is a sustainable energy source that can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It is produced using renewable sources such as wind or solar power, and can be used to generate electricity in the form of fuel cells or to power vehicles. The use of green hydrogen has many benefits, including reducing air pollution and providing a clean, renewable source of energy. Furthermore, green hydrogen has the potential to create jobs in the renewable energy sector as well as provide an alternative fuel for transportation. In addition, green hydrogen can be stored and transported easily, making it a versatile energy source for both residential and commercial applications.
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Picture source: Federico Beccari

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