Schaeffler and Lhyfe: Pioneering the Way to a Greener Future

Schaeffler and Lhyfe: Pioneering the Way to a Greener Future

Green hydrogen company Lhyfe and automotive and industrial supplier Schaeffler have signed a deal to increase the production of hydrogen gas. The agreement will see an electrolysis plant built at Schaeffler’s Bavarian factory in Germany, with a capacity of up to 15MW. This will allow for the creation of green hydrogen on an industrial scale, as well as supplying other organisations with it to aid decarbonisation in the region. This comes after Lhyfe began its first UK operation in North East England, aiming to identify opportunities to deploy production facilities that support the country’s net zero ambitions. The partnership between Schaeffler and Lhyfe is expected to provide Bavaria with around 3.7 tonnes of green hydrogen per day from 2025 onwards, which could be used by municipalities and hydrogen filling stations. The waste heat generated by electrolysis will be fed into the industrial processes within the Schaeffler plant. Luc Graré, head of Central and Eastern Europe at Lhyfe, commented: “We are proud to support a giant company like the Schaeffler AG in its transformation towards a climate-neutral production by 2030. Large-scale projects like this one demonstrate the readiness of the technology, providing confidence and security in the market while strengthening investment appetite. Andreas Schick, member of the board of managing directors for production, supply chain management and purchasing at Schaeffler AG added: “Switching from fossil fuels to renewable energies is key for us achieving our goal of climate-neutral production by 2030. By partnering with Lhyfe we have managed to team up with one of the most innovative companies to execute a green hydrogen plant on our premises in Herzogenaurach – showing our commitment to sustainability and hydrogen technology.


  • Schaeffler and Lhyfe have reached an agreement to build an electrolysis plant in Bavaria, Germany.
  • The move will help drive decarbonisation across the region by supplying other organisations with green hydrogen.
  • The goal of the Schaeffler partnership is to supply Bavaria with approximately 3.7 tonnes of green hydrogen per day, starting in 2025.

What benefits does the partnership between Lhyfe and Schaeffler offer to other organisations and potential customers in Bavaria?

The partnership between Lhyfe and Schaeffler offers other organisations and potential customers in Bavaria access to green hydrogen, waste heat for industrial processes, and confidence and security in the market.
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