Potential Health Risks Remain After Ohio Train Derailment

Potential Health Risks Remain After Ohio Train Derailment

More than a week after a train derailment in Ohio released hazardous materials, the environmental and health impacts on the community remain uncertain. The main concern is vinyl chloride, which can cause liver cancer and other health issues if breathed in. Hydrogen chloride and phosgene can also cause irritation and respiratory problems. Burning any kind of material can create particle pollution, which has been linked to eye, lung and throat irritation, trouble breathing, lung cancer and problems with babies at birth. Air monitoring has not detected any levels of health concern since the fire went out, but people should still be aware of potential risks.

Hazardous Materials and Safety

Hazardous materials can be found in many everyday products, from household cleaners to industrial chemicals. It is important to understand the risks associated with these materials and to take safety precautions when handling them. All hazardous materials must be properly labeled, stored, and disposed of according to local regulations. It is also important to wear protective gear such as gloves, masks, and goggles when working with hazardous materials. Taking safety precautions can help ensure that you are not exposed to dangerous levels of hazardous materials.
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