Exploring Opportunities for Hydrogen Production in the North Sea

Exploring Opportunities for Hydrogen Production in the North Sea

A team of US and British companies have expressed interest in using natural gas from the North Sea as a source for producing hydrogen, which is seen as an important resource during the energy transition. Protuem Energy from the US and Transitus Energy from Britain have signed a letter of intent to explore potential opportunities to produce hydrogen in the waters of Britain, Netherlands, Ireland, and Norway in the North Sea.

Hydrogen and the Environment

Hydrogen is a clean-burning fuel that can be used to power cars, buses, and other forms of transportation. When hydrogen is burned, it produces only water and heat as byproducts, so it has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions significantly. In addition, hydrogen can also be used in fuel cells to generate electricity with no emissions at all. Hydrogen is abundant in nature, making it an attractive alternative to fossil fuels for reducing our reliance on them and helping to protect the environment.
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Picture source: Karsten Würth

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