Exceet Takes Over Apex, Investing 199 Million Euros in Water Electrolysis Plants

Exceet Takes Over Apex, Investing 199 Million Euros in Water Electrolysis Plants

Exceet, a publicly listed investment group, has taken over Apex, an energy company specializing in water electrolysis plants located in Rostock-Laage. As part of the transaction, Apex will receive around 87 million euros of fresh capital, 70 million of which will be used for electrolysis projects and 17 million to pay off liabilities. 20.8% of the shares will be purchased for a cash price of 25 million euros while the remaining 79.2% will be acquired through the issuance of new Exceet stocks. The project is expected to be completed by 2027 with an estimated investment volume of 199 million euros and a planned start date of February 2023.

Investment Benefits

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