EverWind Fuels Leads the Way in North America’s Green Hydrogen Revolution

EverWind Fuels Leads the Way in North America’s Green Hydrogen Revolution

EverWind Fuels has become the first green hydrogen producer in North America to receive the necessary permits for a commercial-scale facility. The facility, located in Nova Scotia, will produce and export 200,000 tonnes of green hydrogen and ammonia per annum by 2025, and ramp up to 1 million tonnes per annum the following year. Powering the facility will be wind and solar assets built nearby. The overall cost of the project is estimated to be around $6 billion. In related news, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) granted Universal Hydrogen approval to fly its 40+ passenger hydrogen electric plane.

The Potential of Green Hydrogen

Green hydrogen has the potential to revolutionize the global energy landscape. It is a clean, renewable source of energy that can be used as a fuel for transportation and other uses. The process of producing green hydrogen involves electrolysis, which separates water into oxygen and hydrogen molecules using electricity generated from renewable sources such as wind and solar. This makes it an ideal alternative to fossil fuels, which emit harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Furthermore, green hydrogen can be stored and transported easily, making it a viable option for large-scale energy production. With more research and investment in this technology, green hydrogen could become an important part of the global energy mix in the future.
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Picture source: Richard Horvath

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