A 2.6 Billion Euro Pipeline to Transport Green Hydrogen Across Europe

A 2.6 Billion Euro Pipeline to Transport Green Hydrogen Across Europe

Spain, Portugal and France have proposed a 2.6 billion euro underwater pipeline to transport green hydrogen between Barcelona and Marseille with the capacity of 2 million tonnes a year, funded partially by the European Union. The project is part of an effort to bolster renewable energy as an alternative to Russian gas, and could also be used to send hydrogen produced in France from nuclear energy in the opposite direction.

Hydrogen and the European Union

The European Union is taking a proactive stance on renewable energy, with hydrogen playing an important role. In 2019, the European Commission adopted a Hydrogen Strategy to support the development of a sustainable hydrogen market in Europe. This strategy aims to increase the share of renewable energy in the EU’s total energy mix from 14% in 2020 to 32% by 2030. The EU has also set aside €7 billion for research and innovation projects related to hydrogen technologies, with an additional €1 billion allocated for demonstration projects. By 2050, it is estimated that up to 14% of all energy consumed in the EU will come from hydrogen, making it one of the most important sources of renewable energy for Europe.
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