WA’s Green Berets: Securing the Future with Hydrogen, Wind and Solar Energy, and Iron Ore

WA’s Green Berets: Securing the Future with Hydrogen, Wind and Solar Energy, and Iron Ore

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WA is gearing up to take advantage of the opportunities for hydrogen, wind and solar energy, and iron ore by creating a new form of land tenure which will allow companies to secure exclusive rights to an area of up to 12,000 square kilometres for up to four years. A 37-strong team called the ‚green berets‘ will help push hydrogen, battery metals and critical minerals projects through the system, as well as changes to legislation to facilitate carbon storage. Clean hydrogen is not the main way to cut carbon pollution but it can help with efficiency and electrifying everything. Woodside, Andrew Forrest and WA Premier Mark McGowan are all excited about the potential of hydrogen in WA.

The Potential of Renewable Energy

Hydrogen, wind energy, and solar energy are all renewable sources of energy that have the potential to revolutionize the way we power our lives. Hydrogen is a clean burning fuel source that can be used in many applications, from powering cars to providing electricity for homes. Wind energy is one of the fastest growing sources of renewable energy, with an estimated global capacity of 539 gigawatts in 2018. Solar energy is also rapidly expanding, with over 500 gigawatts installed worldwide as of 2019. With these three sources combined, it is estimated that they could provide up to 80% of the world’s total energy needs by 2050.
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