The Steel Industry’s Challenge: Transitioning to Carbon-Free Production

The Steel Industry’s Challenge: Transitioning to Carbon-Free Production

The steel industry is facing the challenge of transitioning to a carbon-free production process in order to reduce its environmental impact. Arcelormittal recently shut down its direct reduction plant in Hamburg because the cost of natural gas was too high, despite decreasing prices. This highlights the need for reliable information and new energy sources such as hydrogen in order to achieve climate neutrality.

The Path to Climate Neutrality

Climate neutrality is a goal that many countries are striving for in order to reduce their carbon footprint and combat climate change. To achieve this, governments and businesses must take steps to reduce emissions, such as investing in renewable energy sources, improving energy efficiency, and shifting away from fossil fuels. In addition, they must invest in carbon offsetting programs that help to balance out emissions with activities such as reforestation or carbon capture projects. With these efforts combined, it is possible for countries to reach climate neutrality and play an important role in the fight against global warming.
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Picture source: Terry Vlisidis

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