SFC Energy Reports Record Growth for 2022 and Expects Further Expansion in 2023

SFC Energy Reports Record Growth for 2022 and Expects Further Expansion in 2023

SFC Energy, a company based in Brunnthal, Germany has reported an increase in revenue from 64.3 million euros to 85.2 million euros for the year 2022. Additionally, their profits have increased from 6.2 million euros to 8.2 million euros on an adjusted basis and the order intake has risen from 89 million euros to 127 million euros. This growth reflects the high demand for EFOY hydrogen and methanol fuel cells as well as an improved market environment in their core target industries of clean power management. The company is expecting further strong growth in 2023 with revenues between 103 and 111 million euro, adjusted EBITDA between 8.9 and 14.1 million euro, and adjusted profit before taxes between 3.4 and 8.6 million euro.

Growth is Essential for Success

Growth is an important part of success, both in business and in life. Whether it’s a business growing its customer base or an individual striving to reach their goals, growth is essential for progress. Growth can be physical, such as expanding a business or improving fitness levels, or it can be mental, such as gaining knowledge or developing new skills. Whatever form it takes, growth is necessary to move forward and reach success. Investing time and effort into growth helps ensure that the future will be brighter than the past.
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Picture source: Richard Horvath

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