Enapter AG Secures Financing for Next 12 Months

Enapter AG Secures Financing for Next 12 Months

Enapter AG, a hydrogen company, has secured 25 million euros from an investor, Patrimonium Asset Management. The financing is for two years and the expected EBITDA for the 2023 fiscal year will be between -10 to -11 million euros. This financing ensures that Enapter is secure for the next 12 months.

Understanding Financing Options

Financing is an important part of many business decisions, and there are a variety of methods to finance projects. Businesses can choose from debt financing, such as loans or lines of credit, or equity financing, such as venture capital or angel investors. It’s important for businesses to understand the differences between these options and the costs associated with each before making any decisions. Additionally, businesses should consider their short-term and long-term goals when selecting a financing option that best suits their needs.
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